SapienFounding the Sapien Nation

The Sapien Nation is a Network State & Republic of DAOs, built by and for: You. Leaders. Sensemakers. Advocates. Creators.

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About Sapien

The Sapien Nation is a network state - a Republic of DAOs.

Our sovereign digital nation is committed to collective action driven by the next generation of leaders, sense makers, builders, and creators.

Through our decentralized app (dApp) called the Sapien Network, the Sapien Nation is building the infraculture to unite and empower DAOs. Within the dApp, the Sapien Nation is cultivating a digital Parliament where DAOs will have the opportunity to participate in committees, write proposals, invest in important projects, and have their voices heard.
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    ProtocolsSocial Media

    We work with brands and influencers from all over the world, allowing for global strategies and purpose driven campaigns.

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    We help ad tech businesses adopt blockchain technology effortlessly - by sharing our blockchain, protocol, and expertise.

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    Affiliate Marketing

    Get big rewards when you complete small tasks. Available for all your devices.

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    Affiliate Marketing

    Unlock the value of ‘word of mouth’ in web3. Referrals live for tokens on Uniswap and Sushiswap.

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    Basic Attention Token


    The crypto asset for the new Internet economy. Blockchain-based digital advertising.

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    Private search that puts you first, not big tech

  • Bullz logo


    Influencer Marketing

    BULLZ is a social app, focused on video recommendations for all things web3, crypto and blockchain.

  • Cent logo


    NFT Platforms

    Transform assets on your site into NFTs

  • Civic logo


    Identity Management

    Multiple credentials. One cross-chain identity. Identity solutions delivered - on your chain or cross-chain.

  • Cointraffic logo


    Display Advertising

    Cointraffic drives a highly targeted Cryptocurrency audience through multiple ads formats

  • Cub3 logo


    Social Media Platforms and Protocols

    Automatically reward any behavior, online or offline. So you can motivate and engage your customers to take specific actions that are important to your business

  • DLive logo


    Live Streaming Platform

    Global Live Streaming Platform · Your Stream, Your Rules!

  • DSCVR logo


    Social Media Platforms and Protocols

    A platform that belongs to its community

  • DeSo logo


    Social Media Platforms and Protocols

    The first & only censorship-resistant Layer-1 blockchain purpose-built to power storage-heavy apps and scale decentralized social networks for mass adoption

  • Dialect logo



    A social platform for creators & their fans

  • Diamond logo


    Social Media Platforms and Protocols


  • Dmail logo


    MessengerEmail Platform

    Stay Informed and Connected with Intelligent and Secure Messaging.

  • Dock logo


    Identity ManagementDocument verification

    Dock makes any document you issue fraud-proof and allows your stakeholders to instantly and securely verify their authenticity in seconds - making expensive manual verifications disappear.

  • Ethermail logo


    Email Platform

    You can't kill email

    That’s why we brought it over to Web3!

  • Farcaster logo


    Social Media Platforms and Protocols

    Whether you create art, write code, stay fit, or make memes, there's a community here just for you. Farcaster makes it easy for people to find and organize interest-based groups.

  • Foundation logo


    NFT Platforms

    Your World. Onchain.

  • Holder logo


    Social Media Platforms and Protocols

    Messaging, CRM, Automation

  • KindAds logo


    AdvertisingDisplay Advertising

    Kind Ads is an advertising platform that serves user-friendly ads through more effective channels like email and push notifications.
    Advertisers save money. Publishers keep more of what they earn. Users aren't barraged with annoying and irrelevant ads.

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    Content Marketing

    Join top creators and more than 10,000,000 people on LBRY, an open, free, and fair network for digital content.

  • Layer3 logo


    Knowledge Sharing

    Layer3 helps you reach, acquire, and retain users with powerful, interactive experiences.

  • Ledgermail logo


    Email Platform

    Spearheading Web 3.0 Communication Protocols & Protecting Digital Rights of Email Users

  • Lens logo


    Social Media Platforms and Protocols

    Your last social handle.

  • Mail3 logo


    Email Platform

    The web3 native communication protocol

  • Mailchain logo


    Email Platform

    Add web3 email to your project.

  • Mastodon logo


    Content Marketing

    Your home feed should be filled with what matters to you most, not what a corporation thinks you should see. Radically different social media, back in the hands of the people.

  • Minds logo


    Content Marketing

    Decentralized social media app that shares reach and revenue with you.

  • Mintable logo


    NFT Platforms

    Find it. Buy it. Flip it.

  • Nifty Gateway logo

    Nifty Gateway

    NFT Platforms

    Nifty Gateway is the premier marketplace for Nifties, which are digital items you can truly own. Digital Items have existed for a long time, but never like this.

  • Ocean Protocol logo

    Ocean Protocol

    Data EconomyData Management

    Next generation tools to unlock data at a large scale

  • Odysee logo


    Video platform

    Watch, view, and share content

  • Open Chat logo

    Open Chat


    OpenChat is a fully featured chat application running end-to-end on the Internet Computer blockchain.

  • Opensea logo


    NFT Platforms

    The world’s first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital items.

  • Paragraph logo


    Content Marketing

    Everything you need to reach your audience, own your community, and build a sustainable business doing what you love.

  • Peepeth logo


    Social Media

    Bringing out our best with opinionated features and permanence.

  • Permission logo


    Affiliate Marketing

    Connecting brands & consumers through crypto rewards

  • Presearch logo


    Search Engine Advertising

    Search privately, receive better results and get rewarded with the Presearch decentralized search engine, powered by blockchain technology.

  • Qwestive logo


    Referral Platform

    Track on & off chain conversion events. Automatically track fully customizable on or off chain conversion events within your dApp.

  • Rarible logo


    NFT Platforms

    #StandForRoyalties & pledge your support for the people who have made Web3 what it is today. No Speculation. No Utility. Just solidarity.

  • Sapien logo



    The Sapien Nation is a Network State & Republic of DAOs, built by and for: You. Leaders. Sensemakers. Advocates. Creators.

  • Scaleswap logo


    AdvertisingIDO LaunchpadWeb3 Accelerator

    Participate in highly-vetted token offerings

  • Sesame labs logo

    Sesame labs


    Automate community management to save you time and keep your community buzzing on Social, Discord, and more

  • Sether logo


    Data Management

    The only decentralized Identity and Access Management for Web3

  • Smart Places logo

    Smart Places

    AISocial MediaARProtocolsUGC

    Social ecosystem that rewards users for connecting and interacting.

  • Star Protocol logo

    Star Protocol

    Social Media Platforms and Protocols

    Building social network aggregator and omni-chain name services.

  • Status logo



    Your portal to Web3. Secure wallet. Web3 browser. Private messaging. All in one – all in your pocket.

  • Steemit logo


    Social Media Platforms and Protocols

    The first social network built on the #Steem #blockchain.

  • SuperRare logo


    NFT Platforms

    We’re building a new art market for artists, collectors, and curators.

  • Theta logo


    Video platformLive Streaming PlatformSocial Media

    The Theta Labs team is made up of experienced technologists and media executives, with previous roles held at Netflix, Amazon, Samsung, Vimeo, and Salesforce. Theta Labs’ unique combination of blockchain expertise and video and entertainment experience are the key to driving Theta to be the leading blockchain for media and entertainment.

  • Trivver logo



    A highly advanced, multi-patented system that creates, distributes and tracks 3D branded objects.

  • Trustswap logo



    A Diverse DeFi Ecosystem

  • UFOstart logo



    UFOstart is a global, decentralized community of web3 & marketing enthusiasts. Together, we’re building a Marketing Robo Advisor to help you find the perfect marketing strategy for your project. Ready for your customized marketing strategy? Try it out then, it's free!

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    Through the VeraViews ecosystem and Verasity’s patented PoV module, we’re transforming the black-box ad fraud industry.

  • WOM Protocol logo

    WOM Protocol

    AdvertisingSocial MediaProtocolsUGCCreate to earnSales

    The WOM Protocol is a brand new user-generated marketing channel that leverages the most effective form of marketing: honest word-of-mouth recommendations.

  • Yup logo


    Social Media Platforms and Protocols

    Crosspost to your favourite platforms.

  • lolli logo


    Affiliate Marketing

    Get up to 30% back in cash or bitcoin with the free Lolli browser extension & mobile app

  • qiibee logo


    Affiliate Marketing

    Maximize the value of your loyalty program by instantly accessing world-renowned brands, thousands of rewards and millions of new members in our loyalty marketplace. Leverage our blockchain-based technology today to manage your rewards in real-time and remove any reconciliation costs with 1 simple click.

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